I used adblock. I know this is not a good thing, at least for the sites I use a lot.
So why?

I use it because of the prevalence of Malware Advertising, also known as Malvertising. If I notice a website, that advertises responsibly (See: Reddit, Twitch, To an extent Facebook) I will turn off my adblocker for that website.

I am not against advertising, I in fact welcome it. But there is a difference between showing me an ad, and causing me to have to rebuild my OS Install all the time because I saw a Malicious ad that broke the Browser Sandbox!

If this was fixed, and ad networks could block this kind of advertising, I would happily remove Adblock. But lets look at reality for a minute – that’s not going to happen without manual review of every advertisement, and not allowing the use of things like Animation in ads. That’s my other gripe by the way, Ads should NEVER be distracting from the content of the site at hand. EVER. Animated Ads can go rot in Hell, as far as I am concerned.

For an ad to be acceptable to me, it should fit the specs and rules laid out in this document: Here

Anything else is not right, and I WILL enable Adblock on your Website. I don’t care.

If you want the money from advertising to me, you -will- fix your shit.