So yah. It’s been around 2 hours since it was officially released. What was I to do, aside from pull out an ancient PowerBook G4 and install the latest release on it? (Download the PowerPC Release here)

As I type this, it has finished installing. To get this far, I should note that on my mac, I needed to boot the kernel using the radeon.agpmode=-1 flag, whether that be the live USB (live radeon.agpmode=-1 or Linux radeon.agpmode=-1 for the final install. First things first: Lets fix that.

Step 1: Boot up using that argument
Step 2: Login, and fire up the terminal (Start, System Tools, LXTerminal)
Step 3: sudo nano /etc/yaboot.conf

There is a couple things you can do here, should you wish to. First, we should add the flag above though. Do this for both entries.

Replace append="quiet splash" with append="quiet splash radeon.agpmode=-1"

If you want your computer to boot up verbose, remove quiet splash and it will show all the output during boot.

Step 4: Save (ctrl+o), press Enter, and exit (ctrl+x)

Step 5: Run the command sudo ybin -v

Congratulations, now your bootloader and flags are set as they should be for proper operation.

As I play around more I’ll keep this post up to date 😀