So I recently formatted my laptop. Why is this relevant? Because it turns out my backup of my Steam games (Copying the SteamApps folder) missed some files. So, what was I to do, but to run the Built In Function in Steam to Verify… Wait… Yah, you see what I am getting at. I have a LOT of games so doing this one at a time really won’t work for me.

So I got to work.

After 4 Hours of writing code, I am proud to present this nice little application that will have Steam check each and every one of your steam games, and save a screenshot of the result of the check.


You can configure where it will save them, as well as there is also a Black List that you can add Game ID’s to, so you can avoid verifying certain games that will not verify/you modded/starts the uninstaller (Looking at you, Mafia II).


Some people asked, so here is the Source Code.