I wrote these out of a need, and figured you guys may like them too.

They are both basically clones of their linux counterparts where it counts, so they are probably more basic.

Sudo will let you run a program as admin, including extra command line args, so you could do:

sudo cmd.exe /k cd "%CD%"

and it will open an Administrator Command Prompt to the Current Directory. This works for any application.

Kill allows you to kill commands whatever way you want, via name or pid. You can also use it will sudo to kill things that a normal user can’t.

kill chrome firefox explorer skype steam

It will in this case, kill all instances of each application I listed. It can also kill by PID, as I mentioned, so you could do this:

kill 1102

And whatever application had the PID of 1102 will be killed.

I mentioned you could combine sudo with kill, this is how you would do it:

sudo kill chrome

This would kill chrome, assuming you needed to, as an Administrator. It will open a UAC Box as needed to elevate of course.

You can download Kill HERE and Sudo HERE

If you want them to be accessible everywhere, either put them in a folder on your PATH, or drop a copy in System32. Up to you.

Edit: Someone wanted a version of Sudo that keeps the Window open once your command completes, run it without any info to get a usage example. It’s called ASudo.
Download HERE.