Have you ever played TradeWinds?

I have. And I loved it. For a very long time,  I have wanted to make a game that was the same type of game play – Very open, with a definite goal and many ways to get there. For example, in TradeWinds, your goal is to acquire as much money as possible before you are wiped out.

You can do this a number of ways in the game – for example, you can be a normal trader – Do your best to avoid pirates, buy low and sell high, all that jazz. You will make modest money, and it will be generally safe.

You can start smuggling “Dream Dust” – The games equivalent of drugs, or contraband. You can make more on a single load of it than several loads of normal objects.

You can even do no trading at all, and build up a large fleet, armed to the teeth, talk to the mayors of the port towns, and become a bounty hunter – This is the quickest way to make money. As long as you survive, and wait a while to cash in (More Bounties at once gets you more money), you can make millions very quickly.

The only thing I ever felt the game was Really missing was the ability to truly be a pirate. Sure if you chose one of the four people who has Pirate in their Bio you get a special ship and always know where the floating pirate fortress is all the time, instead of by giving the people at the bar alcohol poisoning (It can cost a lot to get info out of people…), but there is no way to actually play as a Pirate. You can’t ambush other traders, you can’t attack towns, you can’t pirate.

So the game I want to make, is based on TradeWinds, in the way that the game plays, but with the ability to be a pirate – and a larger map with more towns. Possibly even multiplayer at some point.

And someday, I’ll get to work on this.