Monthly Archive: July 2015


From OpenRCT2 is a free open source version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. It is strongly based on the original game and therefore looks like, and plays like the real deal. The game is...


Kali Linux

So today I formatted one of my lower end laptops, and Installed Kali Linux. Now I know that on Aug 11 there will be a new version of the OS available, but by August...


Skype for Windows: Removing the Advertisements

  • Skype

I wrote a program to take care of this annoyance. Download it Here.


A game I want to make

Have you ever played TradeWinds? I have. And I loved it. For a very long time,  I have wanted to make a game that was the same type of game play – Very open,...


The Minecraft Launcher

So a while back I was having issues with the official launcher from Mojang, which got me interested in how it actually worked. So I started poking around, and, for the most part, the...


First Post

Of a new blog. Nice to be here. I would like to thank Leshcat (My host) for allowing me to have this sub domain and setting me up. Now, the focus of this blog...